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Podcasting Creates Connections

Jaime White

Some of you may know, Kevin and I felt God asking us to start sharing our story more vulnerably on podcasts that would offer hope to others that may know of someone in a similar place or need to hear the messages for themselves.

Since then, we have also interviewed others that have been willing to share their stories and inspire us in new ways.

Some of the interviews include our business owner friends, authors and those formerly in the ministry.

Stories from leaders that have found value in growing personally as well as stories from those that have overcome the trauma of abuse.

As we were willing to be more visible and vulnerable, we found a community. Connecting with individuals that have been inspired by our stories and with those that have been willing to share their stories.

Often, after recording a podcast with a guest, we hear a bit of nervousness as they sometimes wonder if they said too much or too little. It’s been fun to support podcast guests as they overcome the initial fears or anxiety around being more visible and vulnerable.

By the time the final version of the podcast comes out, they have often worked through the initial fears and then find a new set of fears around sharing of the podcast!

Once friends, family and even strangers start to reach out saying how much the podcast has impacted their lives, there is a new feeling. A feeling of thankfulness.

The feeling that often comes when we move from the comfort zone to the growth zone and then discover new things through the experience!

It's so worth it.

We encourage anyone that is struggling with healing from trauma, addictions and other mental health issues to listen to the Business Addicts podcast episodes.

And anyone interested in personal growth and leadership development to consider our Believe Crew Podcast.


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