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EP 14 - Money Mindset with LaDonn Goodkey

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

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Starting the process of Money Mindset with LaDonn isn't what you might think. There isn't a budget involved or a lot of looking at numbers. LaDonn has found that there is a process she can take clients through to clear up the root causes connected to their money beliefs. Can you imagine what might be possible if you were free of money challenges you have today? LaDonn is passionate about inspiring others to tap into their wealth of abundance. Her compassionate acceptance and understanding have empowered many to connect with their gifts. Her passion began with her curiosity about finding ways to uncover her talents and skills. Life gave her a health challenge, leading her to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a simple technique that helped her transform her mindset from one of not enough to being enough. She is excited to bring her skills and techniques to inspire others to reach their potential by living their greatness.  - FREE OFFER AVAILABLE


[00:00:00] Jaime White: Hello and welcome to the Believe Crew Podcast; The Business is You. I'm Jamie White, founder of Believe Crew and your host. Let's jump right in. Welcome to today's podcast. I have LaDonn Goodkey with me, and she is a small business owner. And I'm curious, LaDonn, if you can tell us more about how you got into your business and what motivates.

[00:00:23] LaDonn Goodkey: Great questions and thanks for letting me be here, Jamie. So what happened was a serious illness led me to a technique and then I branched out from that to see curious about what I can use it else for. And that's how come I got into money because I was often talking to coaches and practitioners and you know, their frustration with money and how can I make more, how can I earn more, make more, but earn more?

What can I do differently? And that's just really created a passion in me because, money is so much more than the number of value. There's so much more to it than just the word money, I suppose you could say. Like, there's so many aspects to it, that's why. Yeah. I am pretty passionate about getting people to see that money is, often a symptom, a lack of money, let me put it that way, is often a symptom of something else.

[00:01:08] Jaime White: So when you work with clients one-on-one, they're coming to you and they're saying, Hey, I have a money problem, and how can you help me? Or what are they typically saying?

[00:01:18] LaDonn Goodkey: That's a great question. Yeah. So what they usually come to me with is the symptoms. Like, I don't, and my bank account keeps going down, money slipping through my fingers.

You know, I know I have such potential within me, how can I get that out and share it? We hide our, you know, hide those things that are good that we believe in. And so how can we, how can I take all these things and express it in my bus, my own business, right? Not just like me personally, but coaches and practitioners, we often talk about, you know, they're, they're like struggling with how can I take what I know and expand it out and earn a living?

[00:01:51] Jaime White: How often are you running into limiting beliefs that come from a religious perspective that money is bad.

[00:01:59] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah. All the time. All the time. That's actually probably the biggest thing they struggle with, and I don't jump right into that one. Because I find that our spiritual aspect of us is on faith in faith-based situations.

There can be confusion around that spiritual aspect. So I don't, I love that question, but I don't jump in with people right there, right. Then I kind of start with the stuff that leads up to that. That is actually one of my last processes that I talk about, and the reason for that is simply because it is such a big, big issue for people.

[00:02:42] Jaime White: So what are some of the things that you've learned about money that you didn't know?

[00:02:47] LaDonn Goodkey: Oh yeah. You know what? It's, we, okay, so we're born, we're right. Coming to this world, we're have no clue about anything. And then we start downloading everything our parents give us, right? So we often inherit a lot of our parents money stuff.

And that's just kind of downloaded to us. So I always like starting there and trying to break those patterns because they're really not ours to begin with. And as you break through those patterns, it's like, Then you can start to create your own ideas of how money fits into your world. So I always break down, we always start with those patterns of being where your tribe is.

And when I say tribe, I'm not saying I'm saying who raises you Because we're not all raised by parents per se. Sometimes it's grandparents, sometimes foster people whoever that is, whatever that looks like. So we start really right there and start kinda moving into that.

[00:03:41] Jaime White: Well that makes sense when you say tribe because oftentimes schools and educators have a huge impact.

And I know I have very specific money beliefs. I was born with more of an abundance mindset, mom, and you know, then my kids, went to a personal finance class and they were told that debt is normal and credit card debt is normal. And so he came from a different perspective and he was like, why are they teaching me this?

[00:04:11] LaDonn Goodkey: That's a great, great way to put it because it's like, yeah, and, and if you're vulnerable in that situation where you're learning something like that, you take that in more. Right? So on that note, I often talk to people about how much value they have to add, right? Because value is about. Our own self-worth. And that is a something I started with tribe, because that's usually if we start with tribe or something like that, it's like, oh yeah, so this isn't really about me. But then we dive into who you are.

[00:04:43] Jaime White: Right. So you're saying after, after acknowledging the tribe, then I have to acknowledge myself.

[00:04:48] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah. Graceful way of putting it, way better than me. Yes. That is so true.

[00:04:52] Jaime White: I remember when I was first starting to work with a coach and he was talking about our value, and especially in companies and being able to charge for what we do and being able to value our worth no matter what the size of the company is.

Valuing the employees, valuing what we do. And he was like, you know, we're meant to make impact. We're called to make impact and then we need to provide value. And then the other thing that we found out is that being able to give and receive, like they, they need to flow back and forth. Right. So tell me, do you work with your clients on that too?

[00:05:24] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah. So let's just take one. I love your questions. You're fantastic. You're, way ahead of me. So we're gonna just back up for one moment if you don't mind, and we're gonna talk about that. The value we have to give others, because really, That is such a fundamental thing to building our business, right?

We get into the business we're in because we learn about our own value and then we share it with others, right? And believe me, every coach and practitioner in the world has been through a lot and they know that value they have to a, allow themselves to share. And so part of being valuable is being visible.

And then you talked about, oh, what, I'm sorry. Can you step back? What was the words you used?.

[00:06:06] Jaime White: Well, yeah. I love what you just mentioned, like being valuable is being visible. That is huge.

[00:06:12] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah. Well it is. It is.

[00:06:14] Jaime White: Because how many people

[00:06:15] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah.

[00:06:16] Jaime White: Struggle with knowing they need to get out there a little bit more, put themselves out there, but not wanting to, I mean, I wanted to hide behind something else, a product, anything like.

[00:06:27] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah. You know, that's about us being very comfortable with who we are, and that's a hard one to deal with. Right. When, when we talked on Monday, we talked about traumas,

[00:06:37] Jaime White: mm-hmm.

[00:06:38] LaDonn Goodkey: bringing that in because what happens often with our visibility is trauma. A lot of traumas get built in our system and we hang onto that.

Not because we want to, but because we're unable to process through it yet, and so we mm-hmm. want, that's a huge block that we actually, I will actually address with.

[00:06:55] Jaime White: Oh yeah. So I think maybe the other thing I'm trying to remember back a little bit was about our impact and our value, and I don't know if that's helping reconnect with something else that you wanted to mention.

[00:07:06] LaDonn Goodkey: Well, I think part of it is, is part of owning our values, owning our power. Let's talk about that and maybe something else will come up. I apologize, I've missed that point. But, owning our power. Think about our power. You know, I know this is a faith-based pod recording, and I hope they don't mind me calling it this.

But if we think of owning our power as sexy energy forgive me that word, but, but there's even, there's not a negative connotation about that. It's this beautiful energy that is just, Almost becomes a magnet for creating what you want to do in a place of confidence, of respect. Because if you think of respecting yourself and others, it's about owning that power.

And we always get that power thing mixed up. It's a huge struggle because we think of. Not going into politics, but we often think of politics or doctors or, or ministers or leaders, any kind of leader who, who, who misuses that. And really when you own your power, it's about stepping out and into making that impact in the world that we so about that so many coaches and practitioners are so brilliant at.

[00:08:14] Jaime White: It's huge. When I first started this work on this journey for myself, first it was about taking care of myself physically. You know, when I was feeling exhausted and giving myself permission to take time and spend a little money on the process, and then I'm years down the road, I started to wanna know a little bit more about myself and learn, you know, what are my gifts and strengths?

What are my talents? What am I called to do? And this word inspiring came up. And I immediately felt like, well, that's not safe. You know what other people are meant to be inspiring, but not me. And then I had to dig into that because I was kind of at that point mentally where I had realized I had, I had a high enough level of awareness, emotional intelligence at this point, to be able to say, well, why not?

Because the people that inspire me are humble. Why do I think that they're, you know, power, ego driven? You know, if it's me, it's an ego.

[00:09:16] LaDonn Goodkey: Yes.

[00:09:16] Jaime White: Why is that true? Yeah.

[00:09:19] LaDonn Goodkey: Are you asking me why that's true? ,

[00:09:20] Jaime White: if you know why that's true, that'd be great. .

[00:09:23] LaDonn Goodkey: Well, but if you think about it though, if you think about, we're trained to think certain ways, right?

[00:09:27] Jaime White: Yeah.

[00:09:29] LaDonn Goodkey: And so we take that as a truth for ourselves, even though we're just being trained.

[00:09:34] Jaime White: Totally true.

[00:09:35] LaDonn Goodkey: So again, we have to break those patterns, right?

[00:09:37] Jaime White: Mm-hmm. ,

[00:09:37] LaDonn Goodkey: which you've done. I'm proud of you for that

[00:09:39] Jaime White: Well, one pattern at a time and there's another one that pops up. .

[00:09:43] LaDonn Goodkey: Absolutely.

[00:09:45] Jaime White: So with the vision that you have for yourself now in this space, what are some of the things that you think about and the impact that you'd like to make in the next couple of years?

[00:09:54] LaDonn Goodkey: Oh yeah. Can we just step back for one moment though, because I, I wanted to bring in, we talked at the beginning about the higher power

[00:10:01] Jaime White: Yes, absolutely.

[00:10:02] LaDonn Goodkey: About faith. When we talk about power the next step for me is talking about forgiveness, because forgiveness is a huge key. Because when we have unforgiveness, and I don't mean, I mean towards people that have hurt us, I don't mean that forgiveness, I mean unforgiveness towards our.

Because unforgiveness towards ourself really stops us from moving forward. It blocks money from flowing to us, stops us from being, I suppose you could even say, being visible and allowing ourselves to make that impact. We want to make

[00:10:37] Jaime White: What you're saying speaks to the work that I did just this morning because I could feel myself pushing away clients, you know, pushing away money, in a way.

I was like, what is coming up for me with this? And so I started digging into it with my internal coach Kara, that helps me. And it was something that had happened when I was 20, so over 20 years ago, there was a situation where I was in business and we had been growing and expanding, and then I was told, no more money.

Don't ask for any money.. Instead of like looking at the numbers and saying, okay, what, you know, what is this investment that you're asking about? It was just no more money. And so all of a sudden it wasn't safe to receive money or you know, be in a place to ask for money. And so those things hold me back today.

It's just amazing how I don't realize that, that's the piece. Right. But being able to freely give and freely receive. And then, and then of course, not only did I have to forgive the other person, but myself, that's exactly what happens for me.

[00:11:50] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah. But which was harder.

It's, we're hard on ourselves, especially people that are more spiritually minded.

[00:12:01] Jaime White: Yes. People that we look up to, people that we think, yeah, absolutely. That's been a challenge. So, so I'm getting this feeling from you that you kind of have a process that you take people through and you realize, okay, let's identify the tribe. Let's look at you. Let's look at forgiveness.

What are some of the other things that you look at?

[00:12:21] LaDonn Goodkey: I like to tap into that higher power. We talked about that right at the beginning. I said, can we wait on that a little bit? Yeah. But I'll tell you why. Because when we're connected to that higher power, I don't know about you, but my background, I've had a lot of trauma around higher power, a lot of trauma.

And so if you told me, oh, trust in that higher power, even though I know logically in my heart I should, I had to break that down into. Finding a way to do that, and every step I took led me closer and closer. Right. So I don't like to dive into that one because it's really a hot subject. I mean, at least for people I meet, it's a hot subject, right?

Right. So I prefer that Some people can't even say the word God. So I use higher power, and it's not, it's because of the connotation that God has. So that's kind of my last step about, is connecting about that higher power. How can we connect that because we need that and even though we. It's feeling safe connecting with that because we're always connected anyhow, right?

[00:13:23] Jaime White: Mm-hmm. So that makes complete sense. Then I like, I like your process. I have a tendency to just cliff dive, cliff, jump or dive right off, and that's one of the hobbies that my kids like. I like to watch , but in conversation, I like to cliff jump . So

[00:13:39] LaDonn Goodkey: yes.

[00:13:40] Jaime White: I took you there as the first question. You were like, can we back up?

[00:13:44] LaDonn Goodkey: Absolutely. And I, and I, yeah, because that's a sensitive subject, right? Yes. No. Absolutely. And it's not that you won't go there, but we, by working one step at a time mm-hmm. , you, you, you kind of soften everything into the next step.

[00:13:59] Jaime White: So when you work with clients on this, what do you end up seeing? Shift in their life for them?

[00:14:03] LaDonn Goodkey: Changing relationship with others. Mm-hmm. So if we think about money, money's all about relationships. If we really. Kind of just take off all the fuzzy stuff. It's about relationships. So indirectly, I'm building all your relationships in different ways, right? And so really I see the relationships change.

I see them being more open to. Being more comfortable with themselves and being more open to receiving money. You mentioned very well about receiving money and stuff, and that's partly what you do. And then you, you see yourself being able to achieve things that you never thought were possible because you're working really on the core issues of your life.

[00:14:41] Jaime White: Yeah. So ultimately, it's not like we can give a training on how to budget your money, because if there's blockages around budgeting and saving and believing that you can spend money in certain areas, it's really not gonna matter.

[00:14:57] LaDonn Goodkey: No, no. Thanks for bringing that up. Cause I always forget that it's the mo like it's, it's our blockages that stop us.

Mm-hmm. because really if, if money was so simple that you there's lots of financial. Financial advisors. Mm-hmm. . So how come they don't always work? Right? They don't always work cuz you are blocked in some area of your, your life.

[00:15:16] Jaime White: Hmm. Very interesting. So if we go to the question what is it that you would like to see as the impact that you are called to make in the next couple years? What comes up for you?

[00:15:28] LaDonn Goodkey: Oh yeah, that's a fun one. You know what I believe in my impact is I'm on that journey right now doing, talking about money cuz there's a lot of brilliant coaches and practitioners and that's come my area. Targeted area because I see all these people with these beautiful gifts, and they're uncomfortable getting out there, sharing, not believing that they have the, they can earn the money they deserve to earn with all that.

And so I'm very passionate about that because I know that what they have gone through has given them every resource they need to share it with the world. And we're all at different places, so the more we become relaxed and confident with where we are right now, everything changes. And so really, I wanna make that big impact, but I'm doing it in a different way.

[00:16:18] Jaime White: Yeah.

Well, you're helping unlock the potential of other change makers and influencers and people that have a different. You're helping them create the money so that they can continue to impact. Because if we don't create value , then there's not as much impact.

[00:16:39] LaDonn Goodkey: I'm exploring, looking at how we can really tap into a real value the gifts and talents.

Mm-hmm. , like that creative side of us because as I keep moving through with people, it's like, oh, there's still that block for them. And so I am moving a little bit in that direction of trying to find, it's not that I won't give up, stop working with people on money, but how can I take and make help them see their potential in a different way so that they believe it. And it goes beyond the money part of it.

[00:17:06] Jaime White: Yeah. It's interesting that you say that because when I work with people, often my gift is to help people see their zone of genius. And I do that with a combination of, you know, what I can read in people the gift that God has given me, as well as different personality assessments.

And what I find is that when people start to hear the positives of who they are and really have someone speak into them, you are called to do. Like this is your calling no one else's, and these are your gifts, no one else's, and just kind of have those real conversations about that. Then again, just like you said, that that coordinates with the money.

Obviously, if you have these gifts and talents, What are you gonna do with them, and, and how can you Yeah. In my mind, turn it into a business that's usually absolutely a side hustle of nothing else or wherever it's, that you're called to do it. Usually there's an impact that you can make that, that has a financial aspect to it.

[00:18:05] LaDonn Goodkey: Yes. And you know, it's not a, just about coaches and practitioners. So some people have a flare for, I don't know, you know, even a waitress, right? There's some waitresses that. Because I would like, honestly, some waitresses are just fantastic and then it's like there's some that don't wanna be there, and that's okay.

But, but it doesn't have to be just coaches and practitioners. Right? Right. Like it's, it's, it's being comfortable with whatever gifts we've been given.

[00:18:29] Jaime White: Absolutely agree. I have six boys, so I get to practice on them as my Guinea pigs, the poor kids recognizing that it doesn't matter what age we're at, what gifts we've been given and how we're called to use them.

No shame, no judgment, just these are your gifts and this is your place. And recently I heard, there's an 80 year old lady that did launch a coaching business and became a millionaire in contracts to a million in contracts in one year. Inspirational. You know, if someone is interested in creating impact still at 80, it's an opportunity.

[00:19:02] LaDonn Goodkey: Absolutely. And you know what? I think the thing is, is I think one mistake, I know I was making it, I was so focused on my business. I'm kind of a high energy person. I like being active. So it was like, what do I do different? And my point is, is that sometimes we have to have things outside the business and they are actually as important, if I dare say, as what are businesses per se?

Mm-hmm. And because it's like, I'm a runner, so it's like, Running, seeing, having more cool experience running because, but, and it takes me outta my zone. It reminds me of how you implement in your business. You, we were talking earlier, it's one step at a time, right? It's not about, you can't jump to the finish line. Right?

[00:19:44] Jaime White: Right, right.

[00:19:46] LaDonn Goodkey: And so I always love having people encouraging them to do something totally opposite because it's like, oh, that's when the fun begins. That's when you get to explore different side of yourself.

[00:19:55] Jaime White: I need that reminder on a regular basis because I do enjoy business and I do enjoy the conversations that happen with it.

And oftentimes I feel like it's me working in my, my gifts and strengths. And thankfully, I love planning travel and I love planning adventure for my kids. So at this point, I still do get outside of the business, but finding those things that are interesting to me, you know, what I found is that I was planning travel for them.

And then I was going on the trips and I wasn't enjoying 'em , and they were like, these are the best trips ever. I was like, I need to plan a few for me .

[00:20:32] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah.

[00:20:33] Jaime White: So I can say the same thing.

[00:20:34] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah. And it's, yeah, and it's not being selfish, it's just being real. Right, right. Because, because we grow in so many different ways. Right.

[00:20:44] Jaime White: Yeah. Well, I love this conversation and I love everything that we've been, talking about and bringing out, is there anything else that you feel like has been left unsaid or that you'd like to express?

[00:20:55] LaDonn Goodkey: You know what, the only thing I, I love that you brought up that lady that was 80 starting a coaching business because I think that we get in, there's a few things we get hung up on age and you know, we have to be perfect.

And I think the best thing about being alive is that we can be messy and sloppy at any age.

[00:21:14] Jaime White: Oh my goodness, I love that. That is a good reminder for all of. Messy and sloppy at any age.

[00:21:21] LaDonn Goodkey: Well, kind of true though, isn't it? Yeah. I have a, a freebie I'd like to give everybody Sure. It's called a money block assessment and it's basically 30 minutes free with me.

And if you go to my website, I'll give that link to you at the end, but that gives you 30 minutes with me. And we just explored where, what, what is stopping you from basically earning what you. Your potential. And you get a freebie with that ebook that I've created. So

[00:21:44] Jaime White: thank you very much. I appreciate that offer and definitely good for anyone to consider. Or if anyone has never even tried coaching, you're offering 30 minutes with you to.

[00:21:55] LaDonn Goodkey: Yeah,

[00:21:56] Jaime White: experience what it's like to have those conversations. I think that's great..


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